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Psillakis Surfboards

Quad Fish

Quad Fish

The Quadfish is designed for fun in mind. I dare say it’s a souped up hybrid. It has a full forward nose plan shape with a clean broad tail. The bottom has a single into double concave and a “V” out through the tail making this board really fast and responsive to turn. Normally comes with my MPA/2 rocker, so its slightly flatter in the entry to skim over flat sections. 
A real exciting board for a progressive, creative surfer in small waves. Ride this board shorter than your normal board.

Also available in EPS EPOXY   

Stock Dimensions

5'6 x 19'1/4 x 2'1/4
5'8 x 19'1/2 x 2'5/16
5'10 x 19'3/4 x 2'3/8
5'11 x 19'7/8 x 2'3/8 
6'0 x 20' x 2'1/2
6'2 x 20'1/4 x 2'5/8
6'4 x 20'1/2 x 2'5/8
6'6 x 20'3/4 x 2'3/4
6'8 x 21' x 2'7/8 

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