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Psillakis Surfboards

Miss Curvaceous

Miss Curvaceous

The Miss Curvaceous is one of the most exciting boards I have designed. The first response from surfers is that this board has an “electric, sparky” feel, thanks to the deepish single concave leading into the fin area. This board is designed to be surfed tight in the pocket of the wave. Extremely high performance board, but very user friendly.
The rails are forgiving and it has a slightly different balance in the plan shape giving it a freer nose feel. Slightly wider tail than the gypsy and hipster models to accommodate the extra tail rocker. This board has a unique rocker (MPB rocker) /concave combination which I believe will make this board one my best performance shortboards. 
Who should ride this board? If you are of average to advanced ability and are looking to take your surfing to the next level in waist to a little over head high waves.

Also available in EPS EPOXY   

Stock Dimensions

5'8 x 18'1/2 x 3/16        24.1L
5'10 x 18'3/4 x 2'1/4     26L
5'11 x 187/8 x 2'5/16    27L
6'0 x 19 x 2'3/8              28.5L
6'1 x 19'1/8 x 2'7/16     29.6L
6'2 x 19'1/4 x 2'1/2       31.2L
6'3 x 19'3/8 x 2'9/16     32.8L
6'4 x 19'1/2 x 2'5/8        34L
6'6 x 19'5/8 x 2'11/16    36.2L
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