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Psillakis Surfboards

The Gypsy

The Gypsy

Since my Hipster model had an overwhelming response in sales, I've created the all new Gypsy. 
The Gypsy was developed from the Hipster model with similar dimensions and MPA rocker. Unlike the Hipster, the Gypsy has a clean smooth outline through the tail. This allows The Gypsy to surf in stronger waves with more of a solid feel through turns,  when the waves have a little more push in them. Sometimes I lower the rail volume on the gypsy for more response in faster waves.
The Gypsy feels at home on any beach, reef break in small to medium size surf.

Also available in EPS EPOXY   

Stock Dimensions

5'6 x 18"1/8 x 2"1/8        22L
5'8 x 18"1/2 x 2" 3/16     24.1L
5'10 x 18"7/8 x 2"/1/4    26.2L
5'11 x 19" x 2"5/16          27.2L
6'0 x 19"1/8 x 2"3/8        28.7L
6'1 x 19"1/4 x 2"3/8        29.3L
6'2 x 19"3/8 x 2"7/16      30.4L
6'3 x 19"1/2 x 2"1/2         32L
6'4 x 19"5/8 x 2"9/16       33.7L
6'6 x 19"3/4 x 2"5/8         35.3L
6'8 x 19"7/8 x2"11/16      37.6L
6'10 x 20" x 2'3/4              39.3L


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