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Psillakis Surfboards



The Mode is a progressive all round short board, and a work horse in most conditions. It has a very slight hip forward of the front fins combined with the proven MPA rocker, single to double concave and a V exit right off the tail. A solid sure feeling dependable board.
Also comes as a slightly pulled in round tail which works well as a step up or when the waves get a bit more powerful. Ride The Mode as your “go to” all round short board from 2 to 6ft waves.

Also available in EPS EPOXY   

Stock Dimensions for Mode, with Litres 

5'6 x 17"3/4 x 2"1/8        21.5L
5'8 x 18"1/8 x 2"3/16      23.5L
5'10 x 18"1/2x 2"1/4       25.7L
5'11 x 18"3/4x 2"5/16     26.9L
6'0 x 18"7/8 x 2"3/8        28.4L
6'1 x 19"1/8 x 2"7/16      29.6L
6'2 x 19"1/4 x 2"7/16      30.4L
6'3 x 19"3/8 x 2"1/2        31.8L
6'4 x 19"1/2 x 2"9/16      33.9L
6'6 x 19"3/4 x 2"5/8        35.3L
6'8 x 19"7/8 x2"11/16     37.6L
6'10 x 20" x 2"3/4            39.3L


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