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Psillakis Surfboards

BZGROM model

BZGROM model

After working with Benny Zanatta for over 7 years now, it was time to send it with a BZ Grom model. All my grom models are based off Bennys design to bring out the best in any groms surfing. The Rocker is my MPB rocker, the most curviest rocker in my range. Deep single concave and a smooth planshape outline. This model is for the grom looking to progress in their surfing.
Also available in EPS EPOXY   
4'6"-16"3/8-1"7/8 14L
4'7"-16"1/2-1"15/16 14.5L
4'8-16"5/8-1"15/16 15L
4'9"-16"3/4-1"15/16 15.5L
4'10"-16"7/8-2" 16L
4'11"-17"-2" 17.5L
5'0"-17"1/8-2" 18L
5'1"-17"1/4-2"1/16 18.5L
5'2"-17"3/8-2"1/16 19L
5'3"-17"1/2-2"1/16 19.5L
5'4"-17"5/8-2"1/8 20.7L
5'5"-17"3/4-2"1/8 21.2L
5'6"-17"7/8-2"1/8 21.7L
5"7"-18"-2"3/16 23L
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