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  • And the going down of the sun a storm was a brewing. 2 up time! #lestweforget #anzacday @rhinolaminating @powerlinez @campbellbros @tapedoff
  • The Psillakis "chop suey". Featuring a super flat rocker with single -double to vee exit. This board is ridden in your general beach break conditions up to head high. Wider outline with a bit more volume than what you would normally ride for flow and fun. Thank you, enjoy! #psillakissurfboards #custom #surfboards #chopsuey @rhinolaminating @powerlinez @campbellbros
  • Surfing time. See you all in my workshop at 11am #psillakissurfboards #surftime @rhinolaminating @powerlinez @campbellbros
  • After the storm! #nooneout #pollution @rhinolaminating @powerlinez @campbellbros @tapedoff
  • Gotta love the boys @rhinolaminating. They produce the best finishes around. Here we have @grubcub Troy and Ryan bringing back the edges. 
#psillakissurfboards #custom #surfboards #getmilk #mike @powerlinez @campbellbros
  • Surround yourself with good people, people. #psillakissurfboards #custom #surfboards @rhinolaminating @powerlinez @maca710
  • Luca letting it rip on the Mode model.
Built for when the waves are on with a bit of push. With slightly narrower tail for control and hold. Comes as a square, thumb or round tail.
#psillakissurfboards #custom #mode @rhinolaminating @powerlinez
  • It's a fishy afternoon. 6'2" Twinny keel fin fun. #psillakissurfboards #custom #twinny #fish @rhinolaminating @powerlinez @campbellbros
  • Binga @bingg1981 Unleashing the beast at Dee Why point yesterday. Bingas riding a 6'0"×19"x2"5/16 Hipster model. I would say it's one of my favorite boards I've designed. The width before the the hip provides a very good planning platform with a tighter tail providing a pivotal feel with hold, as Binga demonstrates here.
Photo by @surfphotosofyou 
#psillakissurfboards #custom #hipster @rhinolaminating @powerlinez @campbellbros
  • I shaped this board in my crocs. Tyson Williams 
Photo by @bluesnapper
  • I don't really care what people think of my crocs. They keep me pain free all day with odorless feet. I know they look terrible, but most of the time they're in the shadows with the door closed. If you let your ego go for a moment and put a pair on for a day, you'll be hooked. I dare ya! #crocs #of #shit #comfy #fashion @rhinolaminating @powerlinez
  • Beer o clock at the Psillakis headquarters #mmmm #beer #bishopsfarewell #psillakissurfboards #custom #surfboards @rhinolaminating @powerlinez @grubcub

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