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  • This week's show case. In the mix here we have #minininjas a #quadfish for Josh. #hipster for Sophia and a 8'0" for .... I can't say (its a surprise)
Note: All boards are 100% handshaped, with a planner, handsaw and 25 years of knowledge. Appreciation must be considered when investing in a #psillakissurfboard #custom #hundredpercenthandshaped #surfboards @powerlinez @rhinolaminating
  • Mick Burges is off to Hawaii at the end of the month. 8'4"x19"3/4x2"3/4 @powerlinez @rhinolaminating #psillakissurfboards #custom #hundredpercenthandshaped #surfboards
  • Picked up this blank this morning from @bennettdionfoam and turned it into a Butter Board. Check it out under my alternative range. 
@powerlinez @rhinolaminating @tapedoff
#psillakissurfboards #custom #hundredpercenthandshaped #surfboards
  • A boxing day special for Anthony Grainger. 8'4"x20"x3"1/4 #psillakissurfboards #surfboards #hundredpercenthandshaped #custom #gun #bigwaves #paddlein @powerlinez @rhinolaminating @tapedoff
  • Now here's a blast from the past.
 I shaped this board 24 years ago. Abyss was the first label I had. The dimensions are 6'4"x18'1/8x2"1/4 The standard shortboard of the time. Now I'm looking at this planshape and think it would be great for 6 feet plus!
Thanx @maca710 for this surprise xmas prezzy. One of the best I've had!
  • Let's ride this out together #i'llridewithyou #psillakissurfboards @rhinolaminating @powerlinez @tapedoff @campbellbros
  • Custom Hipster model for Louisa. I developed the Hipster model long before beards came out. The Hipster has been around for 6 years now, and has been my staple for small beach break surf conditions. Happy surfing Louisa! #hipstermodel #hipster #psillakissurfboards #surfboards #hundredpercenthandshaped #custom @powerlinez @rhinolaminating @louisakhudson
  • The Tracks boys in Hawaii riding the Mode model. 
#psillakissurfboards #custom #hundredpercenthandshaped #surfboards @powerlinez @rhinolaminating @tapedoff
  • Well its here! The all new BENNY model! The ultimate in small wave surfing. This board features a super dooper wide outline in a short length. Don't be afraid to drop right down in length here as the volume makes up for it elsewhere. Features a V double concave the WHOLE WAY THROUGH.
slight flyer and my diamond swallow. 
Bom! #psillakissurfboards #custom #hundredpercenthandshaped #surfboards #thebenny @powerlinez @rhinolaminating @bennysboardroom
  • These boards will be heading to @powerlinez surfshop in Narrabeen. They are my Mode model. They are designed as your all rounder. Generally ridden 1" shorter than your traditional shortboard. This board is designed for full rail on edge surfing in waist to over head surf. Equipped with 5 fin option round tail. The rocker is my MPA rocker (medium) with a single concave leading into double into Vee right off the tail.  @powerlinez has more of my models in stock that you might be interested in as well. 
Go see Adam @powerlinez. He will guide you in the right direction. And he knows his Sh! T ! @powerlinez @rhinolaminating
  • Please keep the volume craze to a minimum people! Let me give you a simple demonstration on what is important. Here is a piece rail band foam off cut from a previous board that I handshaped. The balance of foam distribution is critical in surfboard performance. So if you have a board that works for you, it's more likely that the balance is right rather than how much volume. Let's not be so mono dimensional. Numbers are just numbers....
@powerlinez @rhinolaminating @tapedoff
  • Let's just finish the day off with a bonzer Octafish shall we! 5'8" for Sean. @rhinolaminating @powerlinez @tapedoff @campbellbros

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