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  • Custom Butter board for @jacques94 
Full bottom galaxy decal with indigo rail wrap. Enjoy #psillakissurfboards #custom #hundredpercenthandshaped #surfboards #butterboard @rhinolaminating @powerlinez
  • Looks like a lot of happy customers picking about their new boards today! #psillakissurfboards #surfboards #hundredpercenthandshaped #custom @powerlinez @rhinolaminating @tapedoff
  • Scotty picking his 7'6" just in time for this swell. He may need his bigger board judging by the forecast. The day will be revealed. #psillakissurfboards #surfboards #hundredpercenthandshaped #custom #gun #bigwaves #paddlein @powerlinez @rhinolaminating @tapedoff @campbellbros
  • Wisdom #happiness #psillakissurfboards #custom #hundredpercenthandshaped #surfboards @powerlinez @rhinolaminating @tapedoff @campbellbros
  • Congratulations @tommy_golsby taking out the U12 Hurley BLs Blast Off for 2014 #psillakissurfboards #grom #custom #hundredpercenthandshaped #surfboards @powerlinez @rhinolaminating @tapedoff
  • One of my mates Jon made a little clip of me from yesterdays surf. I'm riding a 6'1" stepup here. #psillakissurfboards #custom #hundredpercenthandshaped #surfboards #stepup @powerlinez @rhinolaminating @tapedoff @campbellbros
  • Funny what you come arcoss in the in flight Tiger airways magazine @powerlinez @rhinolaminating @tapedoff
  • Psillakis surf report
1.5-2 swell. A mixture of S and E/SE swell creating a uneven but often peaky surf conditions. Wind is a light on shore from the east at 3 knots. Surface quality is smoothish, but still has the influence from yesterdays Onshore. Winds are forecast to swing around to the N/E.
 Best board for today;
Ride your board for good waves with not too much area in the tail as there is some power out there. Maybe a larger fin template in a smaller board. 
Happy surfing ! @powerlinez @rhinolaminating @tapedoff @campbellbros
  • No. I am not a hipster. These are Tacos ole retro  boards heading to the west side #throwback @rhinolaminating @powerlinez @tapedoff @campbellbros
  • A strange phenomenon has washed upon our shores here in Sydney. It looks as a type of algae? Not sure, but fun to squeeze! @powerlinez @rhinolaminating @tapedoff @campbellbros
  • 5'3" grom model for @tommy_golsby This thing is bright and lightning fast. Enjoy Tommy !!
  • Ments memories. Riding a 5'11" Smooth Operator Vee bottom here. Take me back! #psillakissurfboards #custom #hundredpercenthandshaped #surfboards #smoothoperator @powerlinez @rhinolaminating @tapedoff

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