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  • For a good part of 2 decades I've been dealing with this surfshop in Narrabeen. Adam is also a good friend of mine. He rides my boards and is super dooper pedantic. We have a good customer relationship and we work together to deliver the best possible custom surfboard. Next time you're around Narrabeen, pop into @powerlinez surfshop. A true core store. @rhinolaminating @powerlinez
  • When you suffer from jetlag, and the mind is racing, what do you do? You go for the yawn patrol. Looking forward to get back in the shaping bay today too! #earlysurf #jetlag #passion @rhinolaminating @powerlinez @tapedoff @campbellbros
  • Morocean sands #dunes #morocco @rhinolaminating @powerlinez @tapedoff @campbellbros
  • Morocean Trestles but just a handful of guys out #nocrowds #morocco @rhinolaminating @powerlinez @tapedoff @campbellbros
  • Sophia Bernard on a roll at the Australian Open. 5th place in the women's junior event, and into the round of 48 in the open event. The boards must be working well. Go get em @sophia _ bernard!
#psillakissurfboards #custom #hundredpercenthandshaped #surfboards @powerlinez @rhinolaminating @tapedoff @campbellbros
  • Morocean spices. One of the best places for food that I've been to. These spices are partly responsible. 
#spices #spice #food #moroc @rhinolaminating @powerlinez @tapedoff @campbellbros
  • Somewhere in Morrocco. 
#spice #waves #dirttrack #crazydrivers #targine @rhinolaminating @powerlinez @tapedoff @campbellbros
  • Gotta love Google maps on a surf trip in Morrocco #search #google @rhinolaminating @powerlinez @tapedoff @campbellbros
  • Morocean whiskey. Tea in Fez Morrocco
  • This week's show case. In the mix here we have #minininjas a #quadfish for Josh. #hipster for Sophia and a 8'0" for .... I can't say (its a surprise)
Note: All boards are 100% handshaped, with a planner, handsaw and 25 years of knowledge. Appreciation must be considered when investing in a #psillakissurfboard #custom #hundredpercenthandshaped #surfboards @powerlinez @rhinolaminating
  • Mick Burges is off to Hawaii at the end of the month. 8'4"x19"3/4x2"3/4 @powerlinez @rhinolaminating #psillakissurfboards #custom #hundredpercenthandshaped #surfboards
  • Picked up this blank this morning from @bennettdionfoam and turned it into a Butter Board. Check it out under my alternative range. 
@powerlinez @rhinolaminating @tapedoff
#psillakissurfboards #custom #hundredpercenthandshaped #surfboards

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